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Fruit! Give me fruit!

I finally caved and bought Warcraft 3 today. Hurrah!

Well, don’t get too hasty with the hurrahs... we appear to have a problem. My goddamned mouse cursor doesn’t show on screen during gameplay! Game works fine, runs smooth, the mouse is present because I can click on units and even control them (hell, I passed the prologue stage with a little difficulty) but I just can’t see the damn thing. I tried a PS/2 ball mouse (as opposed to my normal USB optical) still to no avail. I get the impression it’s because my video card just isn’t very good... well that’s the impression that various forums on the topic have given me. I’ll talk to Mr EB man tomorrow and see what’s digs.

I move in to Garth’s place this sunday, only for a month of course. We’re calling it our “trial run”... well I’m calling it that. I’ll be living at his place for a month while his roommates are interstate, at some kind of lovers getaway. This way, we can test our living compatability quotient or something. It also gives me time to adjust to eating 2-minute noodles, rice cakes and drinking AC Cola 7 days a week. mmmm.