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That smarts

Young Fiona was over tonight. I’m starting to get the impression that she’s not as smart as I think she is. Sure, she may have an IQ of 117 and she may kick the shit out of me whenever we play Mastermind (not to mention jigsaw puzzles. She loves dem puzzles) but she collapsed in a sobbing, wanky heap at a simple game of Minimalemmings. Hey, it ain’t Lemmings, sorry, but the concept is all the same. Bah! I say. Bah!

In completely unrelated news, I’m finding the Ogg Vorbis codec to be digitally delicious. Goodbye MP3, I tell ya that much. I’m encoding at reasonably-high bitrates and the quality is astounding the shit outta me. Check out CDnGo, a free CD ripper that makes use of the OGG format, and also Winamp3 is out with OGG support to boot. I was never much a fan of the whole “digital music revolution” for 2 reasons:

  1. My parents computer has shitty speakers
  2. My parents computer runs like shit if you try to do too many things at once, including listening to music and doing anything
  3. When I hooked an MP3-CD up to my stereo and played it nice’n loud the shitness in quality was astounding. These were 128kbps MP3s that were sounding terrible on a normally-great sound system. I guess when you listen to ‘em through headphones or tinny computer speakers you don’t notice

Of course, all of these problems (and the additional, third, problem) are solved with Ogg Vorbis and my new(ish) computer.

In unrelated, unrelated news, it’s good to see Kevin K Hannah back on the job. Now if only Jose Perez would do the same...