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In Strahan family style

It’s been known for some time that my family is nomadic, kind of like the Aborigines... back when there was an Aboriginal culture to speak of. When I say “my family” I’m actually referring to the Strahans, not the Clarks. We've never been known to stay put for very long... ten years being the maximum length on record. We lived in Padbury for eight years while my brother and I attended primary school, then we moved to Carine. Nine years later, we moved 150 metres down the street to another house in Carine. Now, my parents are considering another move after, what, three years? Shit.

Still within Carine, they plan to move to a smaller house. A house with only 3 bedrooms (as opposed to our current 6... 4 of which go unused), and no pool (which also goes largely unused). A house remarkably closer to the high school and the large treeless ovals that accompany it (my Dad has recently acquired an affection for kites, and the trees that choke our nearby parks with noxious oxygen also have a habit of catching his kites), a house remarkably close to Fiona’s house. Interesting.

Not that much of this affects me regardless of when and where they move. I’ll have flown the coop, so to speak. Tonight I’m packing my goods (where “goods” = stuff of frequent use to me. ie- clothes, books, computer. That is all) and shifting to Garth’s ever-popular abode... which I’ve mentioned dozens of times so I don’t care to explain myself again.

Warcraft 3 is fantastic as I’m sure everyone who knows what’s good for them is thoroughly aware. I’ve been playing the single-player campaign for a couple of hours now, but I’m starting to itch for some multiplayer action. I look forward to kicking Tom’s ass on BattleNet, after I’ve honed my Night Elf skills to a sharp edge. Why Night Elves? I just guess all that geekiness and fantasy fiction and RPG stuff gives you no other option. Humans are lame for all intents and purposes, and only evildoers would ever play Orcs or Undead. It’s simple D&D theory, the kind of thing I’ll be glad to reimmerse myself in with the future release of IceWind Dale 2. Hella. Yeah.