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Like a $3.40 bag of WHAT?

Like a $3.40 bag of fresh hip hop from your local fish and chip shop, ahhh scallops with dollops of flavour on top, when we do what we do we give heads the bops, it’s the Boris and Garth show!

I checked in to Chez Garth at about 12:30 last night, with a carload of dodgy mates arriving shortly after. There was drinking, pool, Bring it On, and some other stuff, but most importantly I got here and now I’m a resident. I’m yet to have a proper meal, since today was Sunday and all the local stores are closed. Tomorrow after class I aim to have a key cut for myself and then go shopping. Home Brand, Black & Gold and Farmland are the tastes of this generation — cheap foodstuffs for a cheap slut such as myself.

I only just finished setting up the computer, and I (unfortunately) can’t bum around online for hours upon hours anymore because the dialup here at Che Garth is on the main line... and you know I can’t tie up the phone for hours. I guess I’ll have to amuse myself with Warcraft 3, or perhaps Rogue Squadron on Garth’s housemate’s ‘Cube... or perhaps GTA3 on his PS2, or perhaps watch a selection from his fine collection of hundreds of fucking DVDs

Suffice to say, Garth’s housemate, Craig, earns a lot and does very little. All his money is spent on his worldly nerdy possessions. How I love him.

Today marked my first foray into the world of Swing Dancing, and I only wish I could remember more of the terminology. It was great fun and I look forward to the more advanced classes — those with the kicking, the swinging, the jiving and the throwing of women in the air. In any event I assume that’s what the more advanced classes are like. In the mean time I’ve been investigating b2 as a possible replacement for MovableType. Sure, MT does the job but it’s just not extensible enough for my likings. From what I’ve read of b2, it also does away with the whole “template” deal and the “rebuilding” and so on. Most importantly, it’s PHP-based, and you know how much I like PHP. I wish I could find more info on the matter and maybe some god-damned screenshots... but maybe I should just quit my pussyfooting around, install the bastard and see what’s digs. Either way’s fine with me.