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Oh what fun it is to ride...

Crustmas was fantastic. Food, pool-playing, people, booze and good times. Better than that stupid Christmas I’ll tell you that. The Crustmas celebrations were followed by a trip to the sands, where our worship of Gamblor payed off- Brent won a keg and a BBQ. I can’t explain it, how great it is to be standing there one moment, thinking “I wish I were playing GTA3 right now” and then to be completely excited as someone you barely know (but partied with that very day) wins 50 litres of Emu Bitter. My place at this rootin’ tootin’ BBQ is secure, thank god, and it happens to fall the day after the Ecoms Ball.

The weekend of the 20th will not be a sober one

As you may have noticed, GTA3 has me in it’s vice-like grips. I’ve been playing it for days and I’m just as addicted as I was back when the original Grand Theft Auto came out. I’m disappointed that we have the censored copy of the game... if only because I’d like to be able to solicit sex from prostitutes and swear at racial minorities in-game. One of Garth’s friends, Jason, has a copy of said uncensored version... and now that Sony has lost the battle against mod-chipping I guess that we’ll need to borrow Jason’s copy and give the DVD-R’s at TAFE a whirl.

Evidently, top of my list of stuff I need when Garth and I move out properly- a PS2. I clearly require GTA3 in my life, and also clearly require a freakin’ DVD player in the house. I’ve been getting very little work done lately, which is extremely alarming to say the least. Not that I’d be doing much work if I were at home, so don’t conclude that Garth’s influence is to blame. It’s just that my addiction to the internet has been temporarily replaced (given the sorry state of internet connectivity in this house) with stealing cars and working for the mob. My first Youth Allowance payment comes in today — so despite my sorry amount of study being performed lately, I’ve never felt like such a student. Ever.