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Forget the dogs

NoDoz and Visine are my new best friends. I’d say they were man’s best friend, but some people like their sleep and like their eyes to be stingy and bloodshot. Those people suck.

I finished my very large, very important assignment between the hours of midnight and 7:30 AM this morning, and I’m yet to revise its’ contents with a clear mind so the quality is still debatable. Time will tell, I suppose.

My first Youth Allowance payment came through yesterday, to the grand total of $85. It looks like I should be enrolling for university now that my financial future is semi-secured, but I’ve been that strapped for time lately it’s not funny. Damned work and damned TAFE and damned GTA3. The dish situation in this house is bordering on critical, and my clothing situation is headed that way too. Cleaning day approaches.