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Control my computer from my mobile phone, you say?

It’s time for a new phone. Well, not time yet exactly, but the time is fast approaching. My humble Nokia 3210 is on it’s last legs, what with all the pixel-bezerker action it’s been performing lately (and by lately I mean the last four months), and I settled some time ago upon Sony-Ericsson’s T68i as its successor. This all has to do, of course, with Apple’s iSync utility, announced several months ago, which had me foaming at the proverbial mouth. Hey, what good is a sweet OS and a sweet phone if they can’t do something sweet together? That’s all the justification I need.

Then, of course, came this little piece of genius, which would’ve passed me by completely unnoticed if it weren’t for Macinblog. All said and done, I want one and I want it now. I know I can get one for about $500 through the Quokka (“Brand new! Still in it’s case! Hardly stolen!”), and that Optus is offering them free on their $30 plan, but I also know that I don’t have $500 on me and that Optus are a bunch of lowlife bastards… although somewhat nobler than Telstra.

Decisions… decisions.