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Hung over

Let’s just say that I had a great day yesterday. After all, it was Curtin Orientation Day (or, more accurately, just one day in an entire Orientation Week) with all the usual staples… beer, women, bands, hippies desperately thrusting anti-everything flyers in my face, hippies trying to sign me up for every club they can, beer, women, beer. You know the drill.

Moreover, it feels good to be back at Curtin. It feels like a long-lost, underappreciated home that I’m just coming back to. Of course this is all minus that whole study thing, so I guess we can only wait and see what happens once they start forcing work upon me. But for now I can sit back with a beer and a stick of jerky, listening to Magic Dirt playing in the tavern, pondering the next three years of my life, here, a student again.

…and stumble into bed about 1:00am with a glazed expression and a stupid smirk. It’s true what they say — Absence does make the heart grow fonder.