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Maybe I should take him next time

My friend Mike, who I think is best known for his effect on the ladies (*cough* bastard *cough* *cough*), just recently signed up with Telstra to get a new T68i. We've discussed our shared desire for this phone on several occasions, and having heard that Telstra was offering them free with service activation, I had to get one. All of this is fine and dandy, but for the fact that I was told he scored a free camera attachment through a little sweet-talking of the TelstraShop staff. Emboldened, I stepped up to the counter and tried to put the moves on my sales clerk, Lisa.

No luck. I did, however, score a $20 discount on a USB Bluetooth adaptor. Huzzah. Though I can hardly begin to compare this to Mike scoring a $200 discount (ie- a 100% discount) on the camera attachment, it makes me feel like I have some limited control over women… sales clerks in particular.

Oh yeah, the reason I’m not bubbling with excitement over my new phone is because I don’t have it yet. Repeated computer failures at their store means that my application, although approved, wasn’t fully processed and I can’t get my phone until tomorrow. Maybe Lisa is trying to teach me a lesson about manipulating people for discounted merchandise. Bitch.