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Sony Ericsson T68i

I’m not going to rant and rave about how great this phone is because, truth be told, I’m a little disappointed. Mobile phones nowadays seem to be incredibly slow to react to user input. Whether this is a limitation of the phone’s OS, or something more sinister, it leaves me with a bitter taste in my mouth. The whole thing smacks of poor usability, an unfortunate by-product of cramming so many features into a machine whose CPU is already on overtime, and the fact that user input is limited to just a few wacky buttons.

It’s only been a few hours in my hand and I’m already craving a new phone with some decent graphics. 8 bit colour pallet? Fuck you. Web safe colours my fucking ass. I know it may be years before I can afford a phone with a decent colour pallet (hell, I’m stuck on a 2 year contract for for this phone, thank you very much), but for now I’d just like to upload a picture for my phone’s desktop that doesn’t look like ass.

All that aside, recent software developments make this little bastard (lovingly named “Wiggles”) a somewhat useful trinket. Clicker and Romeo (whose functionality, hopefully, will converge some time in the near future) offer some pretty cool options. Clicker, for instance, runs AppleScipt commands from the phone — AppleScripts that can be written to do practically anything on the computer. Romeo, on the other hand, has a pretty cool “mouse mode” letting you use the phone’s joystick as a mouse, zooming in and out of the screen at will using other buttons on the phone. All of these functions, if you hadn’t gathered as much, are run remotely… on the phone. No cables, no line-of-sight, just pure Bluetooth goodness. I’m yet to test Clicker’s “proximity sensor” — allowing the computer to run commands whenever your phone wanders in or out of Bluetooth range — simply because the range is too great. I can control my computer from the far end of the house, through walls and furniture, so testing where exactly range drops out is a little difficult on my own. Oh well.