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Load upon load

The astute amongst you may have noticed that this little site of mine has matured rapidly over the last few days. I speak, of course, with reference to the ongoing work I’ve been putting into its style sheets and the mountain of bugs that process has presented me. If you're using IE/Win, things are probably looking a little broken right now, so I wholeheartedly suggest any Gecko browser (Netscape, Mozilla, Camino, Phoenix…) or even the illustrious IE5/Mac for your viewing pleasure.

Trust me for one second when I tell you, IE/Win users, that your time will come; I’ll be tweaking plenty more CSS in the near future with you in mind. The general plan (though far-off as it may be) is to implement a style switcher with “low grade” sheets as an option for the shitty-browser-inclined community. Those of you using Mozilla, I encourage you (right now) to click (in your browser) View > Use Style > Basic Page Style; then ooh and ahh at the semantic correctness of it all. Go. Now.

The “elevated header” bug I reportedly fixed sometime in the wee hours of this morning is back. Why? Because IE6/Win suffers no such error in its implementation of the “header-in-paragraph” style I’ve been working on, so I figure it would be ridiculous to work around a bug in one browser only to create a problem in another. O! What a tangled web we weave!