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A little Windows browser testing (yes, I do that too) tells me that most modern Windows browsers render this site flawlessly. When I say most, I’m talking popular browsers. Specifically:

Obviously, this makes me very happy… but Internet Explorer 6 is still behind on its CSS support and is holding a 53% market share right now (with IE5x holding an additional 38%). That pisses me off. Catering to shitty software normally isn’t my bag, but when we’re talking about the majority browser on the majority platform (bundle a browser… win a browser war) I suppose I have to make an exception. Prepare for fun fun fun!

In other news, I’m hosting a kegger tomorrow night, which excites me to no end. I might not sound excited, since I’m still a little pissed about Internet Explorer, but the thought of a drunken orgy is blowing my mind. Really.