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All things considered, I had a purty darn tootin’ good night last night. The beer ran out, which is something I only barely considered in the lead-up to the party, but all was well. Incidentally, our house is a little trashed.

Tweaks here and there on has improved browser support overall… but the site is still plagued by brower inconsistencies. I’ve converted the top-left “calm blue ocean” graphic from PNG to JPG to better accommodate Internet goddamn Explorer’s shoddy PNG-24 support, while also halving the filesize. Everybody wins. Something else I’ve changed in the last day or two has improved IE/Win’s rendering of the site to no end, while simultaneously degrading presentation in Opera 7 (Windows). I wish I knew exactly what was causing that, but I guess only time will tell. A lot of browsers are having trouble with the whole display: inline thing, particularly when it comes to the list of links at the top of the page (currently only linking my blog and Fiona’s). Gecko browsers are still peachy.

Safari continues to enrage with its “Screw you Clarko, I can crash whenever I want” attitude and whatnot, so I plan to spend the next few hours combing through the code and finding exactly what the cause is. After that (or maybe during) I’m gonna go get some pizza.