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In Inverno

The days certainly are getting shorter, and I’m unsure of how to react to the approaching Winter. It’ll be my first in this house, a house without a fireplace or heater of any kind, so I’m a little apprehensive. Woolen blankets will be greatly appreciated.

As I’m sure many of you are aware, the Cricket World Cup Final is on TV at this very moment. This doesn’t excite me greatly, since I have no appreciation of the game, but there are five or six extremely loud drunken yobs in my living room right now; chanting and yelling at the TV every few seconds. Winter, of course, will put an end to the cricket season; but then begins football season. I’m amazed that someone as weedy and particularly nerdy as Garth (who played D&D and Warhammer when he was a kid) is so sports-crazy. He’s not your typical Aussie bloke either (considering he’s English… by birth at least) so I really wonder where the influence comes from.

Now, I go to pick up my large deep-pan Meatlovers pizza from the ‘Hut.