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Taking a leak

I was a little disgruntled to hear that Apple is pulling the plug on its Safari seeds, simply because the developers that received said seeds (well, obviously not all of them) saw fit to leak them to the general public. Apple, didn’t you ever learn that the secret to keeping a largely-unimpressed public in thrall is to release early, release often? Sure, you got the release early part right with Safari Beta 60, but why stop there? Your public craves updates, give them what they want!

After grabbing a copy of the aforementioned leaked beta (Beta 67) my argument is only strengthened. This is a piece of software that is at least twice as good as the original Safari public beta… yet Apple is still playing coy. Sure, tooltips are still conspicuously absent, but tabbed browsing has been implemented reasonably well (that “loading” animation gets tedious real quick, though) and the autofill feature almost had me thinking twice about my previous Safari-hating tendencies. Most of my complaints from previous posts (ie- CSS rendering complaints) are fixed here, and my only time-transcendent bitch is (again) the brushed metal finish. All in all we have a winner, but still no public release. And now with the plug pulled on developer seeds; the door is closed to us until the official 1.0 release.