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What or Not?

I was contemplating the rash of “Rate my [whatever the fuck]” sites that exploded onto the web a few years ago. Am I This or Not, Rate my Poo, Am I Bear or Not, Rate my Boobies, and the piece that started it all: Am I Hot or Not? Many of these are in poor taste, and unsurprisingly many of them are sponsored by Rotten; but I think the web is in need of some really poor-taste sites right now. So I present to you: Am I Shot or Not?

Photos of gun wounds (lifted from Rotten’s archives, obviously) are racked up and rotated for viewing and rating by the millions of weirdos the internet has to offer. How about Do I Clot or Not? Where people guess which of the old geezers on show has had a stroke, or Am I Bot or Not? — the cyborg rating site?

If only I’d thought of these at the height of the hot-or-not madness. isn’t even registered for chrissakes.