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Attention surfers

Stopping to get petrol on my way home tonight, I felt a little hungry and decided on a “Surfie Pie” to fill the void in my stomach. As it would turn out, a Surfie Pie is barely fit to be called a pie. A Surfie Pie is a goddamned quiche. Don’t get me wrong, I like quiche as much as the next guy (possibly moreso, particularly when apparently “real men don’t eat quiche”) but when I want a pie, I want a freakin’ pie!

Aside from that it’s been a rather lazy, stress-free day. I separated decaf’s colour/image schemes from it’s layout styles, thus creating two style sheets. This allows for a little more flexibility in the site’s appearance; so expect a new “theme” in the next few days. I figure I could add a new theme every month or so, just to spice things up.