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Alternate style

I’ve been working doggedly at this whole “theme” deal this afternoon and have reached several conclusions:

  1. Though Gecko browsers and Opera 7 for Windows offer built-in style sheet switching capabilities, this ability is useless because the styles don’t stick. Refreshing the page reverts back to the original theme.
  2. Paul Sowden’s excellent Javascript Style Switcher fixes this problem through clever DOM manipulation whilst simultaneously enabling in-page style switching for people without the above browsers. Unfortunately, the javascript falls flat when the user doesn’t have it enabled. At first I thought that it just didn’t work in Opera 7 and couldn’t work out why… then I remembered that I’d downloaded the much-lighter “non-java” version of Opera 7. In other words, I’m a dick. But it proves my point about Javascript and justifies the ill-will I feel towards it… at least in my mind.
  3. My own PHP switcher has the unfortunate problem of only working for in-page switching. In other words, it’s not as seamless a function as the Javascipt solution (to Gecko and Opera users) because it doesn’t communicate with the style-selection menus that those browsers offer. This shits me.

So what is a concerned webmaster supposed to do? For now I plan to sit on my hands, that’s what. The new theme will launch on Tuesday (the first of next month) without a switcher for anyone. Such is life.