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I en tipi

Perusing Erik’s site convinced me that a little Meyer-Briggs personality testing may be in order for yours truly; and I’m only marginally surprised (read: surprise absent) to see I am an INTP (Introvert, Intuitive, Thinker, Perceiver).

How to Spot INTPs tells me that I’m private, selective and reserved; cool, detached, and unemotional; logical, intellectual, and analytical; and casual, calm, and adaptable. Considering that I see all of those things as virtues it’s difficult to disagree; but here I was thinking that I was just a stony-faced hermit with a superiority complex! Amazing what wonders wording can weave (and alliteration).

As far as my best suited careers go; I only take issue with “Strategic Planner” — since INTP’s are supposed to be disorganised, messy, and always-under-deadline. But yes, I’ve been known to be a Computer software designer/developer, a College professor (if tutoring my entire HTML class in college on the aspects of HTML that our real lecturer failed to cover doesn’t qualify me; then I guess I’m lying), a Musician, a Web site designer, an Investigator, a Network integration specialist, and a neurologist.

Some of the above may be lies (well, Neurologist, to be specific), and several of them embellished (since my experience in all of the above fields is largely limited to personal experience and rarely equating to a “career”) so I suggest you take my words with a grain of salt. A big one.

In any event, with my personality type now clearly mapped out and “hints on interacting” with me well-defined, I can take control of my life and do… well, exactly whatever it is I’ve been doing all along. Bravo Meyer. Bravo Briggs. You’ve saved the day again.