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After weeks of mental struggle I have finally decided on a research topic for one of my core units at university. The topic is divided into three assignments:

  1. Assignment 1: Research proposal
  2. Assignment 2: Information bank (basically, an annotated bibliography. This is where we do our real “research”)
  3. Assignment 3: Research presentation

The “Research presentation”, interestingly enough, doesn’t require us to actually present anything. We need to produce all the material that a presenter would need in order to give a presentation; but we don’t need to present it.

It’s strange how complete freedom of choice on an assignment like this has only confounded my classmates and I, seeing as we’re normally told what to do, but (literally) weeks of thought has produced this (suitably dorky) topic:

The business community has been largely polarized by the advent of the internet: some embrace it as the future of commerce while others reject it as unstable and dangerous. How have the strategies of both these camps succeeded or failed, and how can things be done better?

Yes, I truly did come up with that topic on my own. It lets me comment on the policies of the music industry, Amazon, Google, news providers, and so many more; so I’m pretty happy with it. So now that I’ve decided on a topic, I have to actually do the assignments.