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Every switcher’s story

There’s a debate raging at Slashdot (isn’t there always?) regarding the new iPods and new Creative Zen Jukeboxes. In short: the Zen has twice the storage capacity for $100 less, though it’s physically larger and undoubtedly lacks many of the ease–of–use and integration features (autosync with iTunes, iCal, Address Book, etc.) that make the iPod so appealing. Quite simply, it’s a typical PC vs. Mac argument with the exception that this time they’re not discussing computers.

Nick This had something to say, something that every switcher tries to say at some point. I just think he said it well, so I’m posting it here.

I hear lots of people say things like this. “Macs are way too expensive for the speed of the machine” or “MP3 player X is a lot cheaper than an iPod”.

I understand this… I used to believe it too. The error is in assuming that the alternatives are all essentially equal… all MP3 players play MP3s, and computers are equal save for the speed of the processor.

That’s not the case. I can’t explain it other than saying that there is a design quality and aesthetic that is different in the Apple products. You won’t believe it until you own one, but once you do, you understand the price difference, and realize it is negligible… that in fact all MP3 players are not the same. All computers are not the same.

I boycotted XP and switched to Mac, while cursing the increased cost. Not any more. I recognize the difference between my Mac and my PC, and I know the differences are well in excess of the cost.

Same is true with my iPod. It’s the 3rd MP3 device I’ve owned, and it’s cheaper compared to buying other devices, not using them, and having to re-buy an iPod.

That’s my take. Hate to sound like a ravenous Mac-head, but… well… I am one. Now.