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A pox on your nocturn!

Given that I haven’t been to bed before 6AM in almost a week, I decided today that it’s time for an all–nighter. I will not sleep tonight, I will not sleep tomorrow, I will sleep tomorrow night at a normal, decent time.

That presents a few issues.

  1. What the hell am I going to do for the next 21 hours? It’s at least 4 hours ‘til daylight and then I have a whole day to contend with!

OK, so I lied. One issue. That’s all I have to deal with. I figure I might format my computer, get the lead out. Just the other day I scratched through my keychain (that’s my OS X keychain, not my keys keychain) and threw away the slimy buildup of usernames and passwords borne of old Hotmail accounts and FTP sites I never visit. It felt good, and I feel like my computer could do with a little of the same. See you guys on the flip side.