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Geek out

Tonight, come midnight, I shall travel to the farthest reaches of my own suburb to see the new Matrix movie. I honestly don’t know what to expect.

Don’t get me wrong, I’m a big fucking nerd, but hardly a Matrix geek. I liked the first movie (replace “liked” with “was blown away by the effects and really like slow–mo explosions” as you please) but really felt like the plot was lacking. Maybe I just don’t read the bible enough, but the whole “chosen one” thing got a little overdone around the same time as the Golden Child came out.

I don’t expect to be disappointed tonight — I expect to see some wicked–ass fighting and some spectacular effects — but I doubt that Keanu Reeves has learned to act anytime recently, and I’m confident that whatever “biblical undertones” were present in the first movie are likely destroyed by these next two… making it even less credible.