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Unbridled fanboyism

Camino’s whitelist manager is mighty nice I love Camino. More appropriately, I love the Mozilla Project as a whole; open–source projects seem to me to be some kind of godly concoction of goodness.

Those of us on the trunk (ie– those of us married to nightly builds) have just been treated to a new mechanism for whitelist management. The fact that Camino has a whitelist for popup–blocking is good enough, (compare to Safari at your leisure) but this takes it one more step in the right direction. Throw in the other additions from the last week or so (the promising text find, not to mention a fix for that troublesome history bug) and it would seem that Camino has been getting a lot work lately.

The popup indicator (pictured) is of particular value. Before the existence of a whitelist, I would sometimes be forced to disable the popup blocker just to view a site (you know the ones… the ones the rely heavily on new windows spawned via javascript). Occasionally, I’d forget to re–enable the blocker before opening a new tab set and being treated to a barrage to popup ads. Most often I’d wonder where the fuck they all came from, and now I know.