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I must be getting old

Last night was supposed to be a very boozy one. After sorting out a sufficient “I’m not driving” transport situation, I had planned to down an adequate share of Triple Sec and have a grand old time at the Captain Stirling and maybe Steve’s too. Well, it certainly turned out that way, but minus the “grand old time”.

“And adequate share” of Triple Sec turned out to be a whole bottle of Triple Sec and 2 of the infamous Supers for fun. By the time we reached the Cap’n Stirling I was paralytic and had thrown up several times. I was OK by the time we hit Steve’s, but proceeded to pass out at the table. I was unconsciously introduced to several women as “Phil” before being ejected from Steve’s and went on the spend the rest of the night asleep in the car. Several other bars were visited, but I was quite unaware of that.

All in all: a fabulous night. I wish I could vomit and pass out more often… particularly before midnight. Maybe I’m just getting old, maybe I should cut down on the liquor intake. Maybe the Triple Sec was a bad idea. Maybe.