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Stupid future

Part of me (the part that allows itself to be influenced by my Mother, of all people) thinks that my big “cavort about the globe” plan isn’t a fantastic one. Part of me thinks I should go to university. Another part tells me I’m never going back to Curtin, but maybe if I were at UWA with all my friends I’d stick with it (even through all the boring stuff). Having a network of friends at your university can prove a particularly strong influence, and I see it in my friends whenever I’m visiting them at UWA. They have lunch together, bitch about class, ogle the hot freshmen chicks… they have a good time. Even if they’re not in the same courses (Scotty is doing Economics, Mike is doing Chemical Engineering, Dave is doing Engineering, Justine and Sharples are doing Law) they still see eachother constantly. That’s something I really never got at Curtin. Part of me wants to be a part of that.

Part of me wants to kick that other part’s pansy ass.

I’m a terrible person when it comes to study. If something catches my interest and holds it, I’ll be the head of the fucking class. Last year at college I was kicking ass in Introductory Programming: teacher’s pet, 100% on the exam, blah blah blah. This year at Curtin I decided I didn’t care for any of it and just didn’t go. Hence, I will receive fails for all my classes. It puts me in a tough spot. UWA might not allow me entry, given my shady past (read: failure of attendance) at Curtin, and CentreLink will undoubtedly kill my Youth Allowance at some stage, given that they’ll only pay you for three years or so (one of which I’ve already wasted). HECS could prove problematic. After all, I already have a whole year of HECS debt to my name, would the government endorse another three?

These questions, and many more, plague my mind. If I were to go to UWA, I would certainly do Computer Science. Back in high school, I decried Comp Sci as boring and useless… but that was then. After that semester at college, I actually enjoy programming, and would like to see a job in it somewhere down the line; so it’s either Comp Sci at UWA or O’Reilly’s Learning Cocoa with Objective–C (which I already own). I guess there’s no harm in talking to the people at UWA and seeing if I’m even eligible for placement. Sure, it’d postpone my “cavort about the globe” plans, but it wouldn’t hurt.