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After so very, very many false starts, the latest incarnation of decaffeinated dot org appears to be pretty–much–done. I played with the style sheets and site structure a great deal tonight, trying to achieve the design I had roughed out in Photoshop so very long ago… to no avail. Design of any order is about compromises, and web design is no exception. While the final product might not be a complete duplicate of my Photoshop draftings, I’m quite happy with it. Compromise.

Dealing with browser inconsistencies, dealing with the shortcomings of the language itself, and dealing with our own egos creates enough room for some major design adjustments. Yes, the world’s most popular browser has highly–deficient standards support. No, XHTML and CSS are not perfect, by any means. Yes, we do hope that in time they’ll get close.

There are still changes to come, still pages to add, still journal entries to write. But for now, welcome to decaffeinated dot org “orange”. If it all looks totally nuts to you (ie– it looks like the web circa 1992) you might be one of those visitors with old cookies — that can be remedied with a little orange goodness, or you could just delete the old cookie from your browser. As usual, this site validates XHTML 1.1 and CSS. It’s been tested (and looks great) in Gecko browsers, Safari, Opera and IE5/Mac. Windows browser testing will happen some time today, since it’d be rude to wake Garth up right now just to test IE6/Win.

And now I need to pop some No–Doz. That, or go to bed.