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Still tweakin’

Ahh, the marvels of an impermanent medium. I can make as many changes as I please and it makes no difference at all to the cost, distribution, or release date of the product. Refresh, if you please. Like the succulent, citrine background image; the masthead is now a static element. Scroll all you like, it’ll stay right there. Just a whim, really.

Unfortunately (for some), in order to make that effect look any good I’ve had to employ the use of PNG images. For the majority of web browsers, this is no problem; they natively support this almost–a–decade–old graphics format and we all benefit from the smaller file size and superior transparency. Huzzah. For the majority of web surfers, though, this presents a problem. Internet Explorer for Windows does not natively support this graphics format, as the indominatable Jeffrey Zeldman mentioned last week, and we all know how much you all love Internet Explorer.

As I am yet to test the site on IE/Win, I don’t have an exact idea of how this affects the look of the site. I assume it isn’t a major problem, so this is one opportunity I shall take to flip the bird to IE/Win and its millions of users. If it really bothers you, I suggest you get a better browser and sign the petition while you’re at it.