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I’ve been thinking seriously about buying a digital camera. Yes, seriously. Some time this week I’ll try to flog my SLR (plus lenses, plus bag) off at the local Cash Converters to raise a little cash. It struck me, sitting there perusing the Harvey Norman catalogue, that even though I plan to buy a small camera my pocket space will be severely compromised.

Wallet and keys in the left pocket, mobile phone in the right — that’s been my default pant configuration for almost six years now. The phone got smaller and the keys got bigger, but the setup remained the same. Not carrying a bag very often, I suppose the camera will have to find a home in one of my pockets; something I’m finding a little bewildering. As has already been explored, buying the camera attachment for my phone is a useless endeavor; so I have no other option but to buy a real camera.

It got me thinking — what happens when the day arrives that I buy an iPod? (iPod purchase slated for 2007: the year I presume to have paid off my G5 PowerBook, slated for purchase in 2005) Unless Apple moves into the mobile phone market (it has been rumored, after all) and converges a phone, camera and hard–disk music player into the one device (goddamnit, that would be cool as hell) then my pockets will be looking mighty full. I long for the day that device arrives, but for now I guess I have to be content with what is available to me.