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As if running some kind of race to annoy me, Fiona bought a digital camera today. Bitch. I’m not sure if she’s set it up for her computer yet, given that she isn’t a ‘computer person’, but I’ll no doubt be called over to sort it out for her… and I expect a few comments along the lines of “how come it just plugged in and worked fine on your Mac?” while I’m at it. Aside from that, it’s been an amusing day. I’m officially a student–no–more™, having called Curtin to check out what the hell has happened to my withdrawal application, and that little pay–packet padding came through as expected. Nice.

While Fiona and I were sitting at Cash Converters, waiting for them to “value” my SLR camera, two plain–clothes police officers approached me and announced that they were the Police; and we had some talking to do. As it turns out, some other dude in the room had been trafficking stolen goods, committing fraud, and carrying illicit drugs on his person. I dare say seeing a bonehead thief being arrested right in front of me is the most amusing thing I’ve seen all week.

What I didn’t find amusing was Cash Converters’ valuation of my camera: $140. Five minutes later I’m standing on their sales floor looking right at an identical camera (it’s a Pentax MZ–50) that they’re selling for $580. Bastards. No doubt I shall be making a private sale of said camera; the world of digital photography will just have to wait.

For reasons still unknown, I’ll be picking olives tomorrow (note that when I make statements as to the time, like “today” and “tomorrow”, my brain hasn’t registered that it’s past midnight and “tomorrow” is now officially “today” and “today” is now “yesterday”. Just to stifle confusion) with Scotty. Meanwhile I’ve been eating a damn lot of ice–cream (long story) and drinking a lot of Cocksucking Cowboys. Don’t ask.