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Talking to Grace on Sunday (during a volleyball grand final, which is another matter altogether) brought up a few interesting topics — the construction of chocolate leaves in cake decoration, why it is that professional gymnasts are so stunted; the usual stuff — but none piqued my interest more than the news that she was recently given a free Apple iBook. Yes, free.

Grace is apparently involved in one of those lifetime experiment programs — screwed if I know what it’s called or what they do for fun — and was asked this week to wear a pedometer. Yes, a pedometer. For one week, Grace must wear a tiny machine on her belt that will count how many steps she takes. For one week, she must report her daily total into an application on the previously–mentioned iBook. What does she get in return for this week of mind–bending toil and drudgery? A god–damned computer!

The downside to this fantastic new acquisition is that those science chumps didn’t give her any access priveleges and crippled her account quite severely; I’m not exaggerating when I say that the only application she’s able to run is the one she uses to report her pedometer stats. Brilliant. I’m guessing they’re either going to give her an administrator account once this whole pedometer ordeal is over, or we’ll be doing a little target–disk–mode formatting and starting her off from scratch; which I think would be kinda fun.

Despite my obvious jealousy, it’s nice to know somebody in meatspace that uses a Mac… they’re hard to find in a city like mine. I’m guessing I should really, really look into offering myself up for scientific experimentation. If these are the kind of payouts involved, what could go wrong? After all, it’s worked so well for me in the past.