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No offense meant to Apple, nor to designer extraordinaire Jonathan Ive, but this brushed metal bullshit has gone on for far too long. Not only must we endure the onslaught of ‘textured window’ applications on the OS (keep in mind the Finder becomes metal in Panther) but the new G5 PowerMac is a big, brushed–metal, grates–on–the–front–and–back bucket of aluminum ass.

Where the hell are our shiny plastics and curved surfaces? Where is the sex? Where is the love? Crap like this didn’t earn Ive the title of Designer of the Year, objects of beauty and art like the iMac and the iPod did. Clearly the new cooling system is worthy of praise; and an all–metal housing obviously offers advantages over polycarbonates in that respect, but “banning the beige box” doesn’t translate to “ushering in the metallic era”… to my mind.

Aside from that aesthetic complaint (why is it that 99.9% of my complaints come down to aesthetics nowadays?), Panther and the G5 look solid; features like Exposé are the reason Apple is renown for innovation. When G5 PowerBooks become a reality, count me in.