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Testing… 1, 2

Something that has long been a problem with Movable Type is the “Convert Line Breaks” feature. It basically takes any text with line breaks around it (whether you’ve entered it from MT’s web panel, Kung–Log, NetNewsWire, or whatever) and wraps paragraph tags around it. This is great, since it saves you from sullying your entries with raw HTML, but it occasionally goes awry.

Here, on this very entry, I’ve enabled the “Convert Line Breaks” feature. Normally I do not. So far, so good, right? This is fairly simple text, written in a paragraph. What could go wrong?

Well, what if I wanted to throw an unordered list in… maybe to list a few of Mac OS X 10.3’s new features? Last time I checked, MT wrapped paragraph tags around the list — a big validation no–no. Of course, that was a few installations ago; so I feel it’s time to have a look–see and find out if the problem has been solved.

Update: Hallelujah