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Firebird redux

I’ve been glancing through some of my older posts and stumbled upon my first impressions of Mozilla Firebird. Those observations still hold true, no doubt, but the Windows version of Firebird is another matter altogether.

When it comes to Windows, Firebird is now most definitely the best browser available. It renders quickly, looks great, and has a host of features that the average Windows ‘net user only dreams of. Just today I watched my roommate battle recurring popup ads, thinking “hmm… I bet if I changed the default browser to Firebird he wouldn’t even notice.” And I think I just might. Tabbed browsing would be, for the times I’m on the PC, a lifesaver. Once you get used to tabs, right–clicking and selecting ‘Open in new window’ seems like a chore — never mind dragging your ass down to the taskbar to switch windows.

All in all, with Internet Explorer on its ass, Firebird really is the web designer’s only hope. If you have relatives you care for, or even just yourself, switch to Firebird today. Please, think of the web designers.