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Really simple site summary syndication

As if the title weren’t adequate forewarning, I’ve been tweaking the RSS feed templates (and updating Movable Type to version 2.64 while I’m at it) and adding an RSS 2.0 feed to the site; complementing the existing RSS 1.0 thingamajigger.

Sooner or later someone will explain to me why it’s a good idea to have two “parallel standards” (RSS 2.0 and RSS 1.0) filling approximately the same role, based on different web technologies (XML and RDF, respectively). In the mean time it’s no skin off my nose to support them both — though I have chosen to make a rather rude change to my 1.0 feed; there are to be no more excerpted entries. All feeds now send full entries, I apologize to those of you that enjoy reading a twenty word excerpt only… but you’ll live. Fuckin‘ weirdos.