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Damn… twice

Downsides to being unplugged

  1. Completely missing Rands’ Call for Writers. God damn it.
  2. Completely missing Ryan Sias’ birthday. Happy Birthday, Ryan.
  3. Having nothing better to do, giving my ass ample time to develop a relationship with the couch.
  4. Spending said time on the couch watching terrible movies including, but not limited to, Rocky III and Rocky IV, Waterworld, and Robocop 3.
  5. Forgetting many of the wondrous things that have happened over the last twelve days because, well, I’ve had no means to archive them. I’ve found in the past that maintaining a weblog actually allows me to recall events and opinions, so I’m not left saying “I… don’t… know” when somebody queries what I did at the weekend.
  6. Not keeping up with the Camino nightlies.
  7. Not being able to respond to emails in a timely fashion… or at all.
  8. Being slugged with a hojillion new items in NetNewsWire, and knowing I’ll have to skip so many of them.