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Better late than never

You know, I’m always amused by the search queries that lead people here… and June was no exception. Once again, I’d like to present to you the top ten accompanied by one particularly interesting outlier.

  1. decaffeinated
  2. pixadex serial
  3. chris clark
  4. speed download 2 serial
  5. i was raised by a cup of coffee
  6. meyer briggs intp
  7. download ie7
  8. making fun of vegetarians
  9. snow penis
  10. sarah jessica parker haircut

Obviously, we’re having a problem with people refusing to pay for software… assholes. But as you can see, we have the usual parade of morons hoping they can download Internet Explorer 7 ever, and the kind of people who like making fun of vegetarians. Whether these are all the same people, I leave for you to decide. But hey! I promised you an outlier, an oddity from the very depths of the search query logs, and here it is: “how to justify porn to your girlfriend”.

Well friend, it’s time you let your girlfriend know that she’s packed on the pounds since she settled in for the long haul with you, safe, boring, predictable you, and from time to time you need the kind of sexual relief she just can’t give you. Tell her she has a choice: she can either let you fantasize about gigantic black cocks filling the many voids of tiny white women or you’re just going to get out on the street corners and beg strangers for sex. I can only assume that’s all you’ll need to tell her to justify your addiction to internet porn. And no, nobody thinks you’re a loser.