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Attention: Australian Government

I know you’re trying to save lives by making speeding as much a social faux pas as, say, drunk driving, but tacking “Motorsport is Dangerous” onto the end of all motorsport–related marketing material is not the way to go about it.

Yes, motorsport is dangerous… that’s why people think it’s so fucking cool. That’s why kids tear up the neighbors’ lawn in their shiny new V8’s, that’s why they race on the freeway, that’s why they take sharp corners at 70km/h. Hell, I like pulling 180–degree handbrake turns (Dukes of Hazzard style) from time to time too, I’m only human; I know it’s dangerous, but I also know it’s fun. I’ve been known to binge drink and associate with loose women too, two very dangerous hobbies, but I don’t see you tacking “Caution: Sluts are Dangerous” posters outside the local pubs and clubs.