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You’re invited

I’m often loathe to discuss my age on my weblog… it seems like the kind of thing that people would unduly judge you for. Would you, a mid–thirties web designer in a cushy government job think less of my opinions and indeed my feelings if you found out I were twelve years old? I probably would.

Regardless, you’re invited to my twentieth birthday party. Yes, twenty; older than Aaron Swartz and younger than Eric Barzeski, I’m year–of–the–pig buddies with Mitch Clem and Lauren Chalas. The invitation, for many of you, is a physical impossibility given that you live in other states or countries… but for some (Tom, Leia, the neighbors) it’s quite possible and I’d certainly get a kick out of your presence. You’re welcome to join us, but remember to dress nice.

And for god’s sake put on some pants!