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Food poisoning, here I come!

Without warning, our refrigerator broke down some time during the last few days. The light comes on when you open the door, so it’s not “broken”, per se, but it sure as hell ain’t doing its job. We’re not exactly sure when it quit, but we do know the food is still cold… enough.

Cold though it may be, the contents of the freezer are defrosted, so I have taken it upon myself to consume my stores of meat before they go bad. The three beef schnitzels for lunch weren’t so bad, but the pound and a half of chipolatas for dinner posed a challenge. I feel like a greasy, bloated, drowsy–ass, beef eating machine.

I truly pity the fools stuck on that ‘no carbohydrates’ diet — no man was meant to eat this much meat in one day. Tomorrow I start on the mince, followed by the fish, followed by the vegetables, followed by the pastries.