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Microsoft wakes up

Reuters, via MyAppleMenu:

In an effort to spread the use of its technology, Microsoft Corp. said on Monday it will open the specifications for its video compression technology, which would allow other companies to make products based on its technology. The world’s largest software maker, which launched its latest video and audio codec, or format, Windows Media 9 series, in January, said it submitted the video compression technology to the society of Motion Picture and Television Engineers on Monday for review.

This makes me happy. Why? Because it tells me that Microsoft is finally starting to ‘get it’. Admittedly, it’s a rather desperate attempt to push widespread adoption of Windows Media 9 codec, but the key is that they’re doing it nicely. They aren’t cramming it down peoples’ throats, they aren’t cutting off the air supply from anybody with a competing codec, they’re opening themselves up to some friendly competition.

Nobody likes a tyrannical monolith… but a big friendly giant is A–OK.