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<link />ing things up

It’s been a good week for trying new things here at decaf HQ; the first of which being Mozilla 1.5 Release Candidate 2. Nothing really exciting, given that I’m a Camino man, but it has prompted me to investigate the wealth of options available to web developers using the <link rel="foo" title="bar" href="" /> markup in the page <head>. As you may well know, Mozilla and Opera offer a little thing they like to call the ‘Site Navigation Bar’, a row of buttons set in the browser’s UI that take advantage of the aforementioned <link /> tags and offer a convenient means to navigate a web site.

As part of the ongoing experiment in web development that this site claims to be, I have begun implementing the necessary <link /> tags to make a friendlier (and more accessible) place to navigate.Try the individual entry archives, you can step forward and backward through individual entries chronologically, you can go right back to the start, or forward to the most recent entry. You can come back to the front page, or go ‘up’ (in the URL hierarchy, at least) to the ‘daily’ archives. It’s fun, fun, fun. Expect further implementation every time I get bored.