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Generally speaking, weekends are what we like to call ‘quiet time’ for this domain —things like work (yeah, the kind that pays), a social life, a family life, and uh… alcohol… get in the way of any constructive internet time— and this weekend was no exception. Let’s suffice to say that I worked like a goddamned trojan, partied like a goddamned trojan (no ‘XML in da club’ like last week, though), celebrated my mother’s birthday, and spent far too little time sleeping.

The time I did spend seated at my desk was occupied digitizing my music library. Yeah, I know; what kind of geek hasn’t already ripped every CD he owns to MP3? I’ve been a little slow on that one. But finally, after neglecting too many CDs for far too long, they’ve found a home on my hard drive; all tagged to my satisfaction, all cover art present and accounted for, all ripe for random playback. Unfortunately not all the CDs have made the transition; a weird compilation of Garbage songs that I already owned (you know, from real and legitimate albums), a weird copy of Limp Bizkit’s Chocolate Starfish and the Hot Dog Flavored Water (read: I swear to Christ my parents must walk into CD stores and say to the clerk “hey, what’s popular with the young people nowadays?”), and several local–scene CDs that don’t have cover art available online. For now these CDs will occupy a space on my desk as a reminder of their absence from the hard drive, but until cover art is available they aren’t allowed inside.

Sure, I could scan the album covers myself, but my ancient scanner is currently in storage. It ain’t hooked up because it ain’t USB, and given that Apple deprecated the serial port circa the dawn of time, it won’t find its way out of storage because I can’t be bothered fooling with the PC right now. A wholly–unreasonable excuse, I know, but it’s one I’m willing to run with.