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I was a little late on the Panther bandwagon (where by ‘late’ I mean I installed it a full five days after release… instead of the industry–standard same–day installation), but that certainly won’t stop me from going on and on about the exciting new everythings held within. Was it worth the $130? I’m gonna say no. $60 would’ve been a good price; but hey, it’s Apple’s ball.

Most of the other features, things like Fast User Switching, Secure Empty Trash and FileVault, won’t find a great deal of use on my one–user–only deskbound Mac… but I’m sure they’re welcome in other homes and any business. Fast User Switching, incidentally, is probably a fantastic way for Joe Blow to work with virtual desktops; just set up a bunch of accounts for yourself (sans password, if you want really fast user switching [making sure they’re not admin accounts, of course]) and switch between them at will.

It’s not all raindrops on roses and whiskers on kittens though… I have the usual laundry–list of complaints, too. This just wouldn’t be decaffeinated dot org if there weren’t complaints about software, so here goes:

OK… that list wasn’t so long. Panther rocks my socks. Goodnight.