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When you use the CDDB to find the track names for CDs you’re ripping (as iTunes does, for instance), you sometimes have to expect mistakes. Some albums are poorly tagged in the database, which means they’ll be poorly tagged on your computer if you’re not careful. Sometimes during a lookup, you have to expect multiple results for the same album… results from which you must choose at random and hope for the best.

Of course, what you wouldn’t normally expect is an album to be poorly tagged on purpose by the very people who created it. The first available CDDB listing for Lamb’s Between Darkness and Wonder, which I bought just the other day, is as follows.

  1. Hey All
  2. Hope You Like Our Album
  3. If You Do
  4. Please Play It To Your Freinds [sic]
  5. And Buy A Copy
  6. Quality Music Needs Investment
  7. Love
  8. Andy And
  9. Lou
  10. Lamb
  11. Xxx

Y’know… since I put the CD in to get the track names, I thought it’d be pretty damned obvious that I’d already bought a copy. Not that I didn’t find it amusing. Mayhap the pirates of the world are a stupid bunch, and searching for the album on Kazaa will yield that very track listing. That’d actually be kinda cool.