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A few days ago I was really looking forward to my weekend. And by my weekend, I don’t mean your weekend (you know… the one at the end of the week) I mean the couple of days off I get between an avalanche of work. Well… I was looking forward to it; it was supposed to be yesterday and today, after all.

Somehow this week turned into another six seven–day workathon; an eleven hour day here, a fifteen hour day there. Until last night, I’d run out of food completely and started eating burgers three meals a day. It was then that I discovered the wonders of the 24–hour supermarket. God bless ‘em. They may be a good 25–minute drive from home, they may be extortionists, and they may have a damnably limited range; but when I need pasta sauce I really need pasta sauce.

As for work, my wallet certainly appreciates the padding but my sleep cycles are a little angry at me. I’d better get back to it, my lunch break is almost up.