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It’s all so beautiful I could cry

I quick dash to my local Apple store (where ‘Apple store’ means ‘Apple authorized education dealer’, but I digress) bought me some new toys; specifically, two Airport cards (one extreme, one not–so–extreme) and one wireless mouse.

Now with the deskbound eMac acting as my base station, I’m free to roam the house with Chloe; surfing the web, doing whatever. The sheer wonderfulness of wireless internet probably won’t hit me until I find some Wi–Fi hotspots around town and start blogging from a café of some kind, but for now plain–old mobility is serving me just fine.

In the same vein, the bluetooth mouse is just dandy — it’s there when I need it and I don’t have to unplug it when I want to pack up and move elsewhere. The fact that it’s not tied to anything also comes in handy from a “the PowerBook’s USB port is on the left side of the machine, but the mouse is on the right side — restricting my movement somewhat” point of view, too. The cables that used to hang, like medicinal leeches on my PowerBook’s side, are all gone; only returning occasionally to recharge its battery or connect peripheral devices.

It’s pretty fucking cool.