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It’s official

Microsoft Internet Explorer now accounts for less than 25% of UA traffic here at decaffeinated dot org, with Mozilla holding an even 50%. As for OSs, Windows and Mac usage is split at roughly at 45% a piece; with the remaining 10% held amongst various *nix distros and ‘unidentified operating systems’. Things look good.

Arguably, these figures only go to indicate that my weblog is being read by its intended audience, but I like to interpret it as a signal that I can stop designing for IE’s shortcomings; or at least stop being limited by them. An elastic layout is certainly on the cards, as is a more sophisticated breed of CSS: better use of PNG transparency, a reduced use of classes and ids in my XHTML, and an increased use of more appropriate (though more sparsely supported) selectors.

…Right after I finish with those other projects cluttering up my life.