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My crapfilter must be askew

There was a time that I could spot a poorly–contrived, horribly overproduced piece of Top 40 pop shite a mile away. I could tell the song sucked just a few seconds into it; be it in a club, a car, or on a friend’s stereo. Lately that hasn’t been happening.

I’ve been hearing more and more songs in clubs and on the radio that I believe to be good songs — that they have some genuinely appealing element. Tonight I actually downloaded some of these songs, thinking I might enjoy them while I work. I won’t mention what they are, for fear of total humiliation, but I will say that you’ve probably heard them on the radio… recently… and that they’re of the ‘dance/pop’ persuasion… and are sung by attractive women.

I’ll tell you what: they suck.

It turns out that drunkenness, overtiredness, giddiness, horniness, and happiness are all terrible states to be in when critiquing music. If you’re dancing at the time, so much the worse. I should’ve realized things were turning bad for me back when Evanescence was sounding good. Jeez.