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I’m going to come out and say it, right now, that there is a serious downside to notebook computing… the ergonomics.

Lately I’ve been wondering why oh why my neck has been getting sore. Is it job stress? Did I hurt myself on the monkey bars again? Is it something vague and sexual in nature? Nope, it’s spending hours upon hours with my head tilted at a wholly unnatural angle as I work on my PowerBook. My teensy, tiny, itsy–bitsy, fuzzy–wuzzy PowerBook. I used to have the same trouble with my desktop computers —if the monitor wasn’t at the right height, my spinal cord complained loudly— and it’s happening again.

My desktop solution was simple: elevate the monitor. To this day, my PC monitor stands on a simple wooden booster, and my eMac (with the ‘tilt and swivel’ stand… making it that bit taller than the average PC monitor) on a couple of YellowPages. Weird, yes. But it works well. With the keyboard inexplicably attached to the monitor of the PowerBook, though, I have only two options: either connect a second monitor whenever I’m working at my desk, elevate it, and mirror screens; or elevate the ‘Book itself… interfacing via a bluetooth keyboard.

I think you already know which option I’m going with.

Some time soon I’ll be placing orders for a nifty Apple wireless keyboard to complement the mouse, and Lapvantage Dome just for fun. Consumer whore, I know.